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Who We Are

Who are we?

Microtech Laboratories, LLC. is a leading provider of contract services for failure analysis, reverse engineering,

component analysis, PCBA analysis and design debug. Our services include FIB, SEM, EDX, PEM/EMMI, Liquid Crystal, X-ray, SAM, Reverse Engineering-Construction Analysis and others such as decapsulation, and cross-section. Consulting and training is available. As an independent laboratory, Microtech is primarily focused on your product solution requirements. Founded in January of 1999, in a short time we've become a recognized industry source for advanced failure analysis and reverse engineering services.


Why choose Microtech Laboratories, LLC. for your analysis?

We understand our customers have many choices for analytical services. We not only provide our customers with complete analytical solutions, we also offer value-added services to support their immediate needs. We truly understand that time-to-market in today’s microelectronics landscape is critical to your success. We know the value of providing you the insight you need to move forward and keep your customers happy.


Our Mission
To provide our customers with the most accurate and timely device analysis, material characterization, and design debug services available in the microelectronics industry.

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