An independent laboratory


Microtech Laboratories, LLC is a leading provider of contract services for failure analysis, component analysis, PCBA analysis and design debug. Our services include FIB, SEM, EDX, PEM/EMMI, Liquid Crystal, X-ray, SAM, Reverse Engineering-Construction Analysis and others such as decapsulation, and cross-section. Consulting and training is available. As an independent laboratory, Microtech is primarily focused on your product solution requirements. Founded in January of 2000, in a short time we've become a recognized industry source for advanced failure analysis services.

Reliable, accurate, fast


Microtech's company mission is to provide the most accurate and timely device analysis, material characterization, and design debug service available to our customers. Our commitment to our customers is recognized by our continuous investment in the quality of people and equipment we employ. Our team is dedicated to being our customers most reliable and accurate source for analytical services. Our focus is to work closely with customers and ensure the best quality and personalized service they expect.

Advanced techniques and services 


The microelectronics industry is constantly changing, this means our customers face new challenges every day. The primary needs are to support R&D, improve product quality, manufacturing productivity, increase yields and shorten time-to-market -- increasingly important considerations in the competitive and evolving microelectronics landscape. Microtech continues its responsibility to improve, advance and employ the latest techniques and services available. Collectively we work to be your prompt, one-stop, analytical resource.







Microtech Laboratories and Criteria Labs partnership


Criteria Labs Inc. is a Back-End Semiconductor Services company with experience in device up-screening, device qualification, characterization, and package assembly.  Criteria Labs tests existing components for the purpose of upgrading them to higher reliability specifications and has extensive experience up-screening microcircuits, hybrids, resistors, capacitors, inductors, relays, crystals, discrete transistors and diodes to customers Source Control Drawing (SCD) specifications, and Criteria Labs performs testing to comply with military performance specifications prescribed in MIL-PRF (-27, -123, -19500, -38524, -38535, -39007, -49465, -55310, -55342 and -55365) and NASA, EEE-INST-002.