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Our Services

Backside Sample Preparation

Thin samples Si, GaAs, and other semiconductors from the backside to 40um.

Reverse Engineering

Product teardowns, circuit extractions, GDSII layouts, construction analysis.

Decapsulation / Die Exposure

Wet decapsulation using acid jet fuming nitric and/or fuming sulfuric acid. Die decapsulation using heat or mechanical techniques.  This process preserves any die level contamination for analysis or when the encapsulant is impervious to chemicals.


Layer-by-layer deprocess and documentation to substrate using wet etching and/or dry etching techniques.  We have extensive experience with CMP copper technology.

Emission Microscopy

This technique is used for transistor level detection of photon emissions (broad range of 500nm to 1.2um).  We can also use complementary techniques to localize heat dissipation.

FIB (Focused Ion Beam)

Design Support: Design repair, probe pad deposition and circuit isolation.  Our system is capable of mechanical probing of internal nodes to characterize AC/DC analog or digital signals.

Sample preparation

We provide cross-section service of Si, GaAs, InP, and other exotic semiconductors. This includes polishing “soft” samples not possible to cross-section by conventional methods.

Mechanical Probing

We can laser or FIB isolate circuits and electrically characterize circuits with eight mechanical probes to our customers specifications.

Real Time X-Ray

Non-destructive inspection of wire bond, solder bump, PCB, etc… with measurement capability can be performed on our system. Real time video or digital images of X-ray session can be transmitted to customers the same day we receive the sample.

(SAM) Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

This service provides non-destructive imaging using ultrasonic waves to detect delamination, voiding, and various features in a sample.

(SEM/EDS) Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

Our system is capable of surface analysis with elemental mapping using backscattered or secondary electron imaging.

Turn-Key Failure Analysis

Full FA service on qualification failures, yield analysis, or customer returns can be provided by our staff of highly trained professionals. The service comes with a report completely detailing the analysis steps and results.

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